We collaborate with networks, brands and organisations to platform innovative and impactful ideas and programmes. We believe in equipping women with the resources to advocate for inclusion, sustainability, female-focused capital and leadership, wellbeing, education, social justice and parity.
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The organisation supports the development for legal, political and conceptual gender equality and focuses on the active creation of tangible and substantial opportunities enabling women to live their fullest lives.

Hera pushes for a better, more equitable and more inclusive world, developing social justice projects, networking seminars, workshops, creative expression and commerce allowing enlightened women and men to come together in a peaceful space to accomplish these goals. Fem Foundry is proud to partner with Hera.

Hera is a worldwide organisation dedicated to enriching women’s lives for the future of humanity. Hera’s aim is to champion gender equality as a fundamental human right and to promote and highlight women’s incredible strength, tenacity and creativity.



Our charity partners 

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