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A tried-and-tested guide to working from home

Updated: May 5, 2022

It could be said that working from home was once considered a luxury, mainly reserved for freelancers and remote workers. However, the recent outbreak of Covid-19 has now forced millions of office workers to stay at home and carry on as best as they can. As the nation rushes to set up makeshift desks from their kitchen tables and get to grips with conference call etiquette, we’ve put together a few tried and tested tips on how to nail working from home:

1. Keep your work space separate. This might not be possible for everyone, but for those who can, try to draw a firm line between your work life and your home life by setting up a designated work space. This means you can keep the sofa strictly reserved for binge-worthy TV shows and your bed for catching some much-needed sleep!

2. Wake up an hour earlier. Take a walk, do a quick workout, make a to-do list, take a long bath. Do whatever it is that gets you into the right frame of mind for the rest of the day.

3. Wear a ‘uniform’. Working in your pyjamas might seem like a novelty at first but it could seriously hinder your productivity. Instead, choose an outfit, or variations of an outfit, that you can throw on every day without having to think about it. Comfort over style is highly encouraged, and the very act of getting dressed each morning will force you into work mode.

4. Identify your most productive hours. When you start to plan out your day, schedule your most important tasks for when you feel most productive. You could also give yourself some flexibility and try working in blocks – for example, two hours of getting your head down followed by a 15-minute break. This is something you’ll figure out along the way but remember, everyone will have slightly different routines!

5. Stay connected. Working remotely can get pretty lonely which is why it’s so important to stay in touch with other humans. Whether that means setting up a work group chat, FaceTiming your friends, or calling on your online community – FTNetwork has you covered for this!

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