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Top 5 feel-good workouts to try from home

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

With the nation on lockdown, we’ve seen a surge of exercise classes being conducted from living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and wherever else there’s a few spare metres.

We’ve rounded up our favourites by category (bonus points if you can spot some of our Founding Members!)


You’ll be pleased to hear that you can still get the most from your HIIT (high-intensity interval training) from the comfort of your own home. Apps such as Fiit and Freeletics offer a range of heart-pumping workouts tailored to your fitness level. Fiit includes both a free and premium version and Freeletics starts at as little as £1.44 a week.

Strength and cardio

If it’s strength and cardio that you’re after then you’re in luck. Barry’s Bootcamp has scheduled free daily 30-minute workouts via IGTV with all their top trainers covering a range of full-body workouts. You can also check out personal trainer Alice Liveing who has been posting a series of exercises specifically designed to be done at home.


If Barre classes are more your thing then check out Barrecorre’s online workouts! Offering both live and on-demand classes, each session helps to build strength, muscle tone and lasting changes in your body. The classes are available on a membership basis of £25 per month but right now you can sign up for two free weeks!


When it comes to yoga, Cat Meffan has you covered. With tons of videos to suit all levels, her videos focus on nourishing yoga practices as well as exploring other aspects of wellness such as crystal healing, meditation and goal setting!


For those who just want to let loose and dance it out, choreographer Ryan Heffington is at your service! Think dancing around your living room while getting hot and sweaty to high-energy pop songs. You can get involved by tuning into his Instagram page for live dance sessions.

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