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The Collection

The Guardians of Fem Foundry

'The guardians gave the pillars to someone they could trust'

Public Sale - NOW OPEN

By holding an NFT you get a FREE lifetime membership of the Fem Foundry App

Claim it by sending us an email to: 
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Join the conversation

& be part of the community

Surrealism Collage Collection

based on the first of our four pillars: Financial, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health


250 individual NFT's

Phase 1 features our Crypto Girl, one of Fem Foundry’s original characters across our platform and stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. 
Born in 2020, we welcome you to join our mission and become part of
The Guardians of Fem Foundry. Welcome Home!

The Traits



We stand at the BEGINNING. We stand with a soul with a purpose, previously lost in the FRAGMENTED SPACE between us all, they wanted change. For years they searched for equality, they searched for support, for understanding, for INNOVATION. Now standing at the heart of the Metaverse HER wants have been actualised
Welcome to Fem Foundry.  
A global network for womankind. We are on a mission to make every member feel x10 healthier, more confident, capable and knowledgeable than the day they joined us. Our club convenes at the intersection between community, learning and networking. Being part of a digital community means anyone with a phone can access our chat spaces, academy sessions and events from anywhere in the world via our NEW app - Fem Foundry.


Fem Foundry Charitable Fund 

10% of our NFT proceeds to go 10 of the leading female charities worldwide 


FF Token.png
The Surrealism Collage Collection is our first collection, featuring ‘Crypto Girl’ only available in phase 1 and won’t be seen again. 
Our commitment to providing a safe space for females to connect and collaborate, be in our app or via our charities will always be a core focus for us. 
This collection asks us to value and look after the pillars at all costs and those involved in the project will continue to be rewarded, our guardians, we thank you. 
This roadmap has been made with you, our community. 

48-Hour Whitelist

Public Sale

Anyone holding 1+ NFT can enter a raffle to win a personalised NFT (delivery within 30 days of reaching milestone). Bonus entries for every NFT held. 
Anyone holding 1+ NFT can enter a raffle to win a background (delivery within 30 days of reaching milestone). Bonus entries for multiple NFT’s held.
50% - Ever wondered how to create your own NFT? We're offering anyone holding 1 x NFT from the 'The Guardians of Fem Foundry' Phase 1 - Financial Health Collection, the chance to enter a draw to win a 1-to-1 with the designer of our NFT Collection!

75% Sold

75% - of NFT's sold will gain access to all online Events and Academy Sessions. 

100% Sold

100% - we are INCREDIBLY delighted and excited to announce that anyone holding 2 x NFTs from the 'The Guardians of Fem Foundry' Phase 1 - Financial Health Collection will receive exclusive VIP access and 50% off our next collection release!

Now and forever we stand for


We are committed to revolutionising the digital learning and networking space, innovating to empower, connect and upskill women globally.

Global Focus

We work with and support networks all over the world, because all women deserve access to online resources, opportunities and connections.


We represent experiences, voices, challenges and personal and professional journeys from all women. We aim to reflect and platform an authentic and vocal diversity of communities.


We promote and invest in positive role models and leaders, offering mentorship, networking and learning opportunities to inspire new leaders.


We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive platform that is free and accessible to anyone who identifies as a woman and seeks to join us. 


We foster honest conversations, allow ourselves and others to be vulnerable and provide a safe space for authentic and supportive discourse on work, wellbeing, lifestyle and learning. 

The guardians gave the pillars to someone they could trust.

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